04 June 2015

Fighting Back Against People Spoiling For A Fight

In the last week, hungry wolves have rushed to rehash and interpolate a Taiwanese news report about Maxim Trader. I took the time to read through them all. Unfortunately, ALL the articles have misrepresented FOREX and/or Maxim Trader.

I have started to respond to some of the allegations through my Facebook account and am leaving my replies here for record purposes, since some of the websites may delete any "pro-FOREX" or "pro-Maxim" comment.

In the heat of defending our Company, we also do not wish to lose sight of the fact that people itching for an argument will simply ignore your credible evidence and wallow on in their own mud of debate. In other words, so what if you are the truth - I will simply heck care and keep on accusing you without care or concern.

This is what we call a TROLL.


I do not know about the other companies mentioned, but what the article above has written about Maxim Trader (5 points of concern) are just ill-researched and betrays a lack of understanding about FOREX and Maxim Trader.


I mentioned above that the writer has written an ill-researched article about Maxim Trader and betrayed his lack of understanding of FOREX and how Maxim Trader works.

Here is the point-by-point refutation of his mistakes.


1. Alleging that Maxim Trader is not a group made up oof expert FOREX traders and analysts.

TRUTH - Jason Lim, Chief Technical Officer, is an expert at FOREX trading. So are Daniel Ang and Shaun Lim etc.

Our Company trading results are reported publicly here:

2. Alleging that Maxim Trader grew fast through a "generous commission system"

TRUTH - We pay up to 10% referral fee, and up to 2.5% group development bonus on corresponding sales. Anything else belongs to ad-hoc incentives.


1. Alleging that it is "impossible to offer 'guaranteed' returns" through FOREX due to its "volatile nature".

TRUTH - Maxim Trader does NOT guarantee returns nor deny that FOREX is a volatile business. Investment is not insurance, and investment is spelled, "RISK". All investments are inherently risky, and so it is buyers beware.

2. Alleging that Maxim Trader is "irresponsible" to clients by offering a presumed "too high" rate of returns and "not really" trading.

TRUTH - Maxim Trader is truly trading in the FOREX markets using collected funds from clients, and making 200%+ routinely per year. Offering only up to 8% performance returns per month is considered TOO LITTLE by those who know how lucrative FOREX can be.

Our Company trading results are reported publicly here:

3. Alleging that a brokerage firm may "manipulate" trading results in the Meta Trader 4 app and/or MyFxBook website ("3rd party software" - NOT a software, but a website).

TRUTH - The Meta Trader 4 software is one of the most advanced software in the world because it has to provide up to the minute candlestick reporting charts with zero downtime.

Our Company trading results are reported publicly here:

Not only can we NOT manipulate anything in MyFxBook, it actually EXPOSES traders who misrepresent their results. Hence, we encourage traders to report their trading results to MyFxBook to prove their trading competence.

4. Alleging that Maxim Capital is a non-listed company and that listed companies presumably mean nothing, since Enron was a farce.

TRUTH 1 - Maxim Trader parent company ROYALE GLOBE HOLDING INC. is a listed company trading on the OTCBB. Admittedly, the Maxim Trader website has made a textual error in saying that Maxim Capital is a public-listed company.

Royale Globe, a OTCBB Listed Company:

TRUTH 2 - Dismissing all public-listed companies with a broad stroke of the keyboard is simply irresponsible and betrays ignorance, because companies take great pains and work day and night to earn the highly coveted listing.

5. Alleging that Maxim Capital was founded by "a Singaporean called Andrew Lim".

TRUTH - The Founder of Maxim Capital Limited is NOT Mr Andrew Lim. Mr Lim is the Chief Executive Officer of Maxim Capital Limited, and Maxim Capital Limited is owned by ROYALE GLOBE HOLDING INC. a OTCBB-listed Company.

1. Alleging that the "founders of Maxim Trader Taiwan" were arrested.

TRUTH - Some International Members of Maxim Trader in Taiwan were held for further investigation, and NOT founders or management of the Company. Nevertheless, our Company management is down in Taiwan to find out what wrongdoing the Members could have done, and why the authorities have remanded them.

The OP said, "If you have money in Maxim Trader, get it out now! If they refuse, report to CAD immediately on grounds that they have already gotten in trouble in Taiwan."

So, the purpose of the writer is convince Maxim Trader investors to make use of the CAD to break their contractual relationship with the Company, despite the Company having DONE NO WRONG, and there is NO charge or case against our Company in any shape or form.

I question the ulterior motive of the writer, his/her quality of research and frame of mind (just spoiling for a fight?). I strongly urge him/her to come to the frontlines of the battle and bring Maxim Trader to court and prove his/her allegations worthy.



Your exposure and mine are different.

I know how you feel about (up to) 8% performance returns per month. I felt this way before when I first heard it, but I found that when you compare our Company FOREX trading profitability to the top traders in the world, 8% per month is peanuts.

Non-Forex traders feel (yes, it is just a feeling, not based on facts) that it is impossible to earn 8% profits on anything in a month, while FOREX traders may ridicule us for paying our investors TOO LITTLE out of the 200%+ or so profits we routinely make per year.

Our trading performance is reported here - feel free to disprove the facts:

Here is another proof that FOREX is highly lucrative... and this gentleman is not affiliated with our Company in any way.

Jimmy Wong, FOREX Trader, "... traded US$44,000 to US$1.14 million in 22 days!" (Business Times, 2010)

In summary, your disbelief is understandable, because you do not know how much money top FOREX traders can make in a day.

p/s. Warren Buffett is NOT a FOREX trader. He is a shares trader. But the most well known FOREX billionaire in the world would be George Soros... "richer than 42 countries combined".



I appreciate your reply and you are not going to get away with your mistreatment of the subject.

1. Do you dare to prove your accusation in court against our Company? I am sure you will win the case, since - according to your allegation - we are a scam?

Hiding behind the "authorities" simply puts YOU in a safe and cowardly place... that is, you can accuse people of something... then when it comes true - hey, presto! You are now a HERO... but if it does not come true.. hey, presto! You lost nothing and need to pay us nothing for your defamation.

So I encourage you to personally send a legal challenge to us - and prove your allegations with evidence.

2. George Soros making 20% annually. Telling only half the truth usually ends up with a misrepresentation. Can you prove that Mr Soros has NEVER made 200% on trading, ever? Indeed, where do you get your idea that Mr Soros makes "only" 20% per year on FOREX trading through Quantum? (rather than per day or per month or quaterly) Are you so stubborn as to insist comically that Mr Soros has "always" made 20% per year since ages ago?

3. You obviously know nothing about "rich" people, and assume that the richest men "must" be publicly listed. Keep up this "I-know-it-all" attitude.

4. Even if Mr Jimmy Wong lost all his money later, can you then say that he did NOT turn $44k into $1.14 MILLION? (able to buy a nice entry level condo in 22 days - I bet you have never experienced this sort of exhilarating income... which FOREX can give - or are you a failure in FOREX?)

5. I invited you to disprove our trading results. You have NOT done so. Are you now unable to prove your allegation against our performance in the markets?


Stop trying to mislead or misrepresent others. If you know squat about FOREX, then take the time to learn. Or better still, find some nice capital ($1,000,000), get a great coach like Jimmy Wong and then play in the currency markets like a PRO.

Have a nice day.


  1. You are completely deluded.
    96% per annum returns.
    monthly dividend payments.
    promises of parental capital guarantee from an OTC listed 'shell'
    Uneducated, inexperienced introducers who are easily influenced.

    This is a ponzi and its already falling apart.

  2. Rykel, Just wondering if you are still looking to debate the credibility of Maxim Traders.
    The evidence is overwhelming and the bottom line is those that believed did not undertake their own Due Diligence and as a result have introduced their own network, for a few and now that network is facing unrecoverable losses. Worse of all, ever dollar they did get back is at someone else's expense.

    Honest people can and do get caught up in these schemes. Once they understand the truth If they choose to do nothing and attempt to squeeze what remaining returns they can get from the sinking ship then they are as guilty as the facilitators themselves.

    If you are still spoiling for a fight. I am more than happy to step up to the challenge.
    Whatever fact you have, I will provide you irrefutable evidence of the opposite. Until you see the truth.

    If you now know the truth. I encourage you to do the right thing and step up and become join the growing group that are focused on not just exposing the truth, but pursuing those responsible until they are held accountable.

  3. Anonymous4:18 PM

    anyone that has an introducing broker account and has profiteered from this ponzi scheme has left a massive paper trail, thanks to social media and muppets like you spruiking lies for personal gain.

    The crowd + Big Data + Machine Learning is not your friend. But its ours :)

    #maximscammer @chipboulder

  4. Hi guys, I would love to catch up with you on this blog post, but first, I need to find a way to delete those spam above! Why am I not able to find the "remove spam comment" button anywhere in my Blogger dashboard? Hmmm.... Regards, Rykel

  5. thanks to social media and muppets like you spruiking lies for personal gain.


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