06 February 2011

HOW TO: Set Up Empathy With Callcentric In Ubuntu Linux 10.10

Empathy is the default IM and VoIP program in Ubuntu Linux 10.10 (Maverick).

You can access it from the Envelope icon in your top-right hand Notification Area.

Empathy is hidden in the Envelope icon.

For a long time now, I cannot seem to get it to work with my Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provider so that people can reach me on my Linux desktop via my iNum.

However, I toyed with getting 3CXphone and CSipSimple on Android to work with the abovementioned SIP service and learnt a thing or two about SIP setups.

Today, I managed to get Empathy to work!

This is what you must do in 4 simple steps:

  1. Set your username to 1777xxxxxxx@callcentric.com;
  2. Open up the "Advanced" options;
  3. REMOVE "Discover STUN server"; and
  4. Set your Miscellaneous Options/Authentication username to 1777xxxxxxx

That should work!

Here is a screenshot of my setup for your reference.

Empathy with SIP setup


  1. Hi Rykel, thanks for the tip.
    That option 'Discover the STUN server automatically' was preventing me from succeeding. As soon as I disabled that, I was able to connect and talk.

    empathy is still not very nice and user-friendly when it comes to making sip calls (have to enter the phone everytime, no dial-pad, no key-tone for patching through to various departments when they want me to click a number button or hash button)
    but at least it is improving to the point where it is basically useable!

  2. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Thank you so much! I had tried many combinations of options, servers, ports, et cetera but after looking at your screenshot, I got it working in ten seconds.