17 June 2007

Last Time, We...

Someone on SB forum asked us to list the things we could remember from our childhood days, and here are 10 things which brings "uncle" Rykel nostalgia...!

Do you remember the time, when...

1. We caught fighting spiders at AMK garden?
2. Being able to use and manipulate DOS made you a Power User?
3. KARATEKA alone could absorb you for hours and hours in front of the screen?
4. You spent money renting Hong Kong kung fu comics from the market uncle and complained about why the issues were not printed in HK but in Malaysia (and had GREEN hair sometimes when Tiger Wang was supposed to have Yellow hair)?
5. You dated gals using the phone rather than MSN or SMS?
6. ROBOTECH was a series we would watch eagerly after school everyday, only to find out that SBC would swop the slot to some other nonsensical programmes without completing the cartoon series we were following?
7. We would spend a dollar to buy a BLACK packet from the mamak shop to find out the "mysterious" toys in the pack?
8. Collecting Ultraman/Macross/etc. STICKERS in a New Victory sticker book was the hottest things among the students?
9. Sembawang, Sengkang and Punggol were "jungles" to be explored?
10. I would save my pocket allowance, miss my meals, buy ZOIDS and be scolded for "anyhow spending money"...

One word, Thank goodness we have the Internet. Thank goodness we can now access all the episodes we used to miss. Thank goodness travel is now convenient enough for us to buy the original Jap stuff.

The world has indeed changed. : )

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