10 June 2008

McDonald's Singapore is a GOOD company

Some people wonder why I am a "McDonald's kid" and choose to do my stuff (eg. meeting people, surfing the net etc.) at McD, as it is affectionately called, instead of my office.

A short answer would be, "I support companies which place customers - including non-buying customers - first."

First of all, are you aware that apart from Starbucks, TCC and CoffeeBean (some) - which sell luxury coffee by the way, no doubt their coffee tastes good! - McDonald's is possibly the only other major F&B outlet in Singapore that actually provides ELECTRICAL SOCKETS alongside with the FREE wifi and affordable meals, while operating at high cost?

Which other joint which provides these air-conditioned facilities and such menu prices opens 24 hours a day, even if it is just on weekends? Only McDonald's, I am afraid.

Which other place allows you to wait for your friends or even just sit down and study your textbooks AND talk on the phone WITHOUT interference or asking you to leave their premises because you ain't buying anything? Only McDonald's, yet again. For those who do not need to talk or discuss, the National Library at Bugis is a nice place to read...

Name me KFC and Burger King, and I will tell you about great food, but NOT great facilities to attract the clouding™ people like me. Sockets? Forget about it, these people are not keen to have Internet Idols™ cybersitting in their restaurants. Just an aside, there seems to be more KFC in Malaysia than Macs, and apparently many of the KFCs there are operating similarly to McDonald's Singapore - ie. 24 hours, no interference, wifi WITH SOCKETS etc.

Then, just a few days ago, I had the unpleasant experience of topping up my Hot Fudge Sundae with extra chocolate, only to be charged 50 cents more - an increase of 34% over the cost. (S$1.50) Not to mention that toppings used to be FREE. Then, I promptly sent in a feedback and indicated that I would gladly pay whatever is on the menu, provided it IS on the menu in the first place, and price increases are communicated promptly to consumers before they are levied.

Unexpectedly, a gentleman by the name of Vincent called me at 11am on Tuesday 10 June 2008 to apologise and said that McDonald's will do a better job next time communicating with customers. In fact, he took my 34% increase concern seriously and mentioned that the committee is now looking into whether it is a justifiable increase.

Now that is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE, and the reason why I hope McDonald's continue to grow and expand their services in this part of the world. Why should I not?

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