19 June 2008

My post for today is not exactly a posting, but a log of a possible Chinese phone scam that happened to me.

Basically, a lady going by the name of Zhang Jin, who spoke in perfect Mandarin, purportedly called me from Hong Kong, and in a nutshell, "informed" me that I won a prize in some Hong Kong pre-launch company draw, and asked me for my:
  1. Full Name (both English and Chinese)
  2. NRIC (the Singapore ID)
  3. Bank Account Number
In order for her company to deposit the prize. I am a highly skeptical person by nature, but yet, the promise of a winning was hard to let go, so taking a gamble, I gave the details she desired. However, my gut instinct tells me that this is one of those China Phone Scams, and knowing that I have given the details above, chances are that they would either fake my identity somewhere, or phish (fish) out my bank account. Fortunately, the account I gave her contains no gold and in future, I would be using a different bank altogether.

She "explained" that her company will be launching in Singapore in August 2008, and that as the prize winner, they hope I could participate in their launch publicity and promote their products for them. Well, if it is a true hardware and services company like she mentioned, of course I have no problem, since technology is my favourite pastime too.

The elaborate efforts her organisation took to bring out my information involved calling me a few days back to inform me that they are having some roadshows at the Esplanade, then calling me again on the day of the event to let me know that I won some prize, and yet again after the show to get my details.

Right after gaining my particulars, Zhang Jin seemed eager to hang up. So, was that a SCAM?? Only time will tell... : )

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