16 December 2010

Regrets About My Wireless Keyboard

My letter to Prolink Customer Support (Amended)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was looking for a slim PC wireless keyboard that looks like the iMac keyboard with the "separated" AXS machine-like keys, and thought I got a great bargain when I bought the Prolink PCML-5308G selling for SGD 99,00 at Sim Lim Square! That was a week or so back.

Truth be told, I do NOT like the Prolink keyboard because my fingers are huge, and I have difficulty typing on it, not to mention that I regret getting your keyboard which does not come with a Numeric Pad. Indeed, I was asking myself why for the price, Prolink does not throw in some sort of keyboard cover to protect from coffee spillage.

Earlier tonight, I saw the exact item I was looking for on the website of Ranger... and it even came with a wireless Mouse and silicon protection cover - all for only SGD 39.00! (You can take a look at what I would have bought if I had seen it first from the URL below.)

Now, of course I have already bought the Prolink through no fault of yours and it is mine to keep, but I would just like you to know that this is a bad moment for me. Naturally, I would think RANGER first rather than Prolink before buying any PC accessory next time.

I am contemplating a purchase of the Ranger keyboard in question, which will in turn trash my Prolink keyboard into a white elephant.

Nevertheless, I hope that upon reading this email, someone in your company might be able to highlight to me why my $99 Prolink wireless keyboard is a better deal than the $39 Ranger wireless keyboard with mouse and silicon cover set.

A Much Better Value For Money? Prolink vs Ranger...

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