10 March 2011

Wrong Again! (Anti-MLM Kingpins Exposed)

Anti-MLM Kingpins are at it once more. This time, it is a new video circulating on Youtube that attempts to discredit TEAM and Orrin Woodward. Obviously, they hope that the average person who just joined Network Marketing will be swayed by their FUDs. Do not be a victim of Anti-MLM-ism.

I wrote the following response.
Hey guys, the video is NOT a very accurate portrayal of TEAM.

If time permits, I will drill in to all the places where the teacher should NOT have replied the way he replied in the video, because those sentences were NOT in line with TEAM teachings.

     eg. Girl: "Is it a get-rich-quick scheme?"
     Teacher: "YES! Who wouldn't want to get rich quick?"

Official TEAM Teaching: "The keys to wealth are 1. LONG TERM vision. 2. DELAYED gratification. 3. Power of Compounding." (cf. "Woodward Videos" at www.the-team.biz)

Do those words sound like, "Let's get rich QUICK!!!" to any of you?
Humour is really great - but only if it is ACCURATE.

This is the reason why TEAM is hardly affected by most of the Anti-TEAM kingpins' websites out there... they fail to reflect the arguments of TEAM accurately. Who wants to get into a reasonable discussion with an opponent who misrepresents your position?    :)

   "I believe in A."
   "You believe in B, and B is wrong, therefore you are wrong."
   "I do not believe in B, but I do believe in A."
   "No, you do believe in B, and B is wrong, therefore you are wrong."
   ("Against MLM" - The Straw-man diatribe of an Anti-MLM kingpin)


  1. Regarding a similar post of yours, regarding Sling, Squeeze, and Side Action, to which I will not link;
    Props for your post. Thank you for responding with accuracy, brevity, and clarity, and for keeping your end of things on the up-and-up. It saddens me that people who have experienced failure, whether in their own decision-making, or in the leaders they trusted, choose to blame, criticize, demonize, and vilify, rather than healing and speaking the truth to themselves and others. I have nothing but disappointment and pity for those who spend months or years rolling around in their own negativity. Here's to Team leadership, and to changing the face of e-commerce.

    Sincerely; Hunting.Targ

    P.S. Here's a bonus, by Art Jonak!

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