23 July 2011

Empty Taxis Did Not Pick Up Passengers

Last night, I had the unfortunate need to take a Singapore taxi home at 11.00pm. Someone said before that taking a cab is a luxury.

In order to "discourage" commuters from taking cabs and switch to "public transport", plus ease traffic conditions, the Government has allowed the increase of fares with the introduction of various surcharges.

Back to my story, there was a long queue at the taxi stand and hardly any taxi in sight.

What was more frustrating, was that some drivers were traveling on empty vehicles and NOT picking up passengers. They might even be possibly circuiting around the area like a vulture hovers above its next meal. To add insult to injury, these cabbies did NOT even bother to turn off their bright "TAXI" signage on top of their cabin. Lest anyone says that they were "On Call", let me reassure you that no such sign was hung up too.

Interestingly, as many Singaporeans can attest, once the clock strikes 12 midnight, there will be taxis galore, and "mysteriously" all the taxi queues would disappear then.

My question is - are taxi drivers knowingly giving the poor, waiting passengers a miss - so that the latter would have "no choice" but to Call-A-Cab? (and pay the Taxi Booking Fee)

If so, then the solution to this national malady is to SCRAP the Taxi Booking Fee.

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