06 September 2011

Problems with Skype for Android

As most of you know, I am an avid user of Skype. I use Skype on the desktop and also on my phones. These include Skype for Android, Symbian and iPhone. I even tried Skype using USB Skype phones etc. I do not support Apple but then that is fodder for another post...

My current gripe with Skype stems from its Android version.

Here is a list of the Skype for Android problems I have experienced, and looking through the Reviews on Android Market and various Skype forums, I know that there are more.
  1. Skype keeps logging out and in again, and it is very annoying to be "signing in..." twenty times in a day.
  2. Even after signing in so very often, Skype is still unusable... it would be perpetually sync-ing itself to something. You can verify this by looking at the circle that loops clockwise in the status bar on top.
  3. Many times, Skype would ask me to "reinstall" itself for no rhyme or reason.
  4. When Skype is in the middle of dialing a phone number, I am unable to turn on the handsfree speaker, so I have to hold the phone close to my ear to listen to the progress of the call - which would then lead to Skype hanging up the phone due to some proximity sensor.
These 4 reasons alone have caused me to rate Skype "POOR" and I wish that Skype would debug and IMPROVE an otherwise fantastic (and highly desired) software.
Skype for Android Version:
Android Version: CyanogenMod MiniCM7 v6.0
Phone: Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro


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