07 August 2007

Finally, No More M1 Only!

It is here! The days of the Limited M1 Broadband in Singapore is numbered.

I have been using, very reluctantly, the M1 Broadband for a few months now... the service is stable, the mobility is fantastic and the speed is fast - except for the 5GB USAGE LIMIT.

There are months where I hit close to the 5GB limit and called M1 for complimentary GB but was turned down consistently. I further asked if they could come up with an Unlimited Plan, but to no avail.

Well, anyone using the internet today knows the truth of the matter is that 5GB is ridiculously low for users like me - Hi-definition trailer downloads from Azureus, video uploads and downloads, mp3tunes storage, Skype voip, continuously running MSN etc.

The good news is that Starhub has stepped into the fighting ring to give M1 a run for their money. There is now an UNLIMITED Starhub data plan that comes with NO MINIMUM CONTRACT either! On top of that, the speed is a whopping 7.2Mbps!!

The only "catch" is that you would have to buy the Huawei E270 modem for $398, which is a steal, since I am sure you CAN buy the modem elsewhere for a lower price.

Thank you Starhub, once again, for coming to our rescue... you were the first to come up with Per Second Billing, FREE Incoming Calls - and now, UNLIMITED 3G broadband.

I am a Hub.

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  1. Thanks for that post. Was I waiting for this day to get a connection? Will check out hub.