11 February 2009

Len Clements' First Podcast

If there ever was one author in the network marketing industry whom I respect and read, it is Len Clements.

Almost a decade ago, when the internet was still in its infancy, when Networking was a swear-word in Singapore, I was very hungry for information and knowledge on the intricacies of Community Building (Networking).

I would "sarpoo" (swallow up) all the books, magazines and articles I could find about this wonderful Relationship Industry, and some of my earliest Networking reads include "We Create Millionaires" (SUCCESS Magazine), "The Road To Making Millions" (Women At Work [?] Magazine, "Street-Smart Network Marketing", "Q&A On NM" (John Brahmer [?]), "Be The Best That You Can Be" (John Kalench), "Your First Year In Network Marketing" (Mark Yarnell) etc.

I remember clearly that I was VERY fortunate to land my hands on a copy of Len's book, "Inside Network Marketing".

It was a really funny, honest-to-goodness, hard-look at Network Marketing type of book, and I can recall many of the lessons and suggestions in that book till this very day. For example, in a land at a time when Networkers fight tooth and nail to outdo each other (eg. NOP was battling Asayo, Neways was sparring with Sunrider), Len asked, "Why are we NOT prospecting for the acres of gold that is right under our feet?" (He called it the "Land of the hundred thousand unrecruited people" or something).. that made me decide there and then that I would NOT purposefully try to convince a current Leader in a MLM company to switch camp.

Len also gave me my first glimpse into a VERY effective "direct approach" which contrasts with the Curiosity Approach, and that works extremely well till today. He asks, "Have you heard of Network Marketing?" From this simple question, I have enrolled countless people into my Community... it is like Orrin says about MonaVie in Asia, "Have you heard of MonaVie?" (thanks, Len!!)

Now, Len Clements recently launched his first podcast, and it caught my attention because he mentioned Sunshine Empire. As most of you from Singapore knows, James Phang has been charged with multiple crimes and is on bail of $600,000 until 5 March 2009. I was pleasantly surprised that Len would even discuss SE, as I only know of one other Caucasian industry writer who will report occasionally on the Asian Networking news, and that is Rod Cook of MLMWatchDog.

Not only that, I saw that my friend IBOFightBack also heartily recommended Len's new podcast on his TTAA website, and I know that if it is good enough for TTAA, it is good enough for RYKEL Blog. I have taken the liberty to copy IBOFB's posting here, and I hope you my readers, will enjoy what IBOFB has written:

One of my favourite commentators on the Network Marketing industry is Len Clements of MarketWave Inc. Len has been very much at the forefront of defending the industry against anti-mlm zealots like Robert FitzPatrick and Jon Taylor. He unfortunately has had a tendency to repeat some of the unfair generalizations about Amway that are based on the behaviours of some Amway affiliated groups, but his work in promoting a professional view of Network Marketing and debunking myths is in my opinion without peer.

This week Len has launched a podcast, an online radio show, where you can hear Len talk about various industry issues. In this first episode he talks about some controversies surrounding NWM companies Zrii and YTB Travel and the “bias” against NWM that companies like Verizon, PayPal, and eBay have in their terms of service. His segment on the challenges currently being faced by YTB Travel is an excellent coverage of the legal status of multi-level marketing and what makes something a potential pyramid or not. Len is of the the opinion that YTB Travel setup may cross the line, and I’m afraid I have to agree with him.

I heartily recommend you give his Inside Network Marketing podcast a listen. It’s about 1h15m long, but that’s the great thing about a podcast - you can pause it and continue listening whenever you want!

So here it is, Len Clements at his first shot on Podcast:

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  1. Len's a legend :)

    No problems with copying my post, but don't forget the link back to the original! It helps my site with google, and what's more, copying text from other sites without linking back to the original can *hurt* your ranking with google.

  2. hey IBOFB,

    No problem with the linking man! I will edit my post right after my Plan here, but please be patient with me as I am a new leader in blogosphere... I find it a hassle to manually "add URL link" to words I want to add URL to, so if you know of an automated way (much like how Gmail automatically turns a www into a clickable URL) please teach me.

    I wish that my blog will be ranked right after yours! :)

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