02 March 2009

Where Am I?

Here is a quick update of my location, as reflected in my comment to a thread below:
Hi all,
Thanks to JC for the compliment… yes, I am thankful for the opportunity to express myself on the internet, and more so for people like him who takes out precious time to offer his point of view and hence engage in a productive conversation.

I also think the reader of these comments (YOU) are a great student of ideas and I look forward to serving you with more insights and hearing your views too.
Obviously there are stiff differences between people but that does not mean that we should be mean to those who disagree with us, right?
I do NOT think that a person is stupid just because they have yet to come to terms with my opinions - who knows, I might be wrong, I can be wrong and I have been wrong before.
I only ask that you my fair detractor, also have the courage to say the same, although it really does not matter if you would not.
Unlike what G said, I did not run away from this thread, as I went to St Louis, Missouri, USA for a Winter Convention right after Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I only had 2 days to pack up after touching down in Singapore and I had to spend quality time with family too. I love my family a lot and would not want to miss out on them.
I travelled more than 26 hours to reach my hotel beside the Arch and since there was no proper internet connection where I was, and the convention activities went back-to-back, obviously I had to wait until a more suitable time to revert to you all. (like now)
It is 4.30am at LAX airport and although I am very energetic, yet even the strongest of all men requires sleep, so I shall find the next available slot to fill you all in on the details.
I AM committed to you, whether you believe it or not.
By the way, just for your information, I have trips planned for Jakarta/Indonesia (March), Guangzhou/China (April), Bangkok/Thailand (May), Kentucky/USA (June), Hong Kong (July) and so on until the end of the year. Yes, ALL the trips are networking, community-building trips.
I AM taking time out for this blog AND building the business, and Joecool’s appreciation made my day.
So I pray for your further understanding and accommodation as I write to this blog out of a very busy schedule, and thank you for your patience and understanding.
Be right back - and see you at the top of Network Marketing! :)
Rykel in Los Angeles Airport

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