29 May 2009

Singapore Political Notes

The recent announcement by the Prime Minister of Singapore, PM Lee Hsien Loong, to increase the base number of elected opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) and Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMPs) to a minimum of nine, has raised a flurry of comments in the opposition camps.

At the heart of it lies the fear among the opposition that, since most Singaporeans (presumably) do not understand that a NCMP is NOT the same as a MP, they may simply not vote for the opposition candidates at all. "They will just wait for the NCMPs to fill the opposition seats".

Today, I attempt to present my views with regards to this issue to you my reader, and hopefully you might find a valuable moderate voice in my words below. I wrote this in a comment on a social networking site, so please pardon the bad English! Enjoy...

anyway, abt NCMP.. i say take it! better than nothing at all! (haha, i bit e carrot alrdy.. or did i not?) - in all sobriety, e opposition will LOOK BAD (yet again) to my ppl if you do not sportingly appreciate e PM's "generosity". (I trust tat u guys kn tat much of politics is abt being seen doing e right things, not just being right.)

truth is, e new changes r a great PR move as much as gd show of relating to electorate.... Read More

While most ppl might not kn tat NCMP is not e same as an MP, e way fwd is to embrace tis chg wholeheartedly & magnify e idea tat chg CAN happen - praise e Govt for it, & work towards educating our ppl on "What is an MP? (vs. NCMP)" -- & tat work has to start NOW.

only by doing what I suggest can e opposition hv a fighting chance of NOT being rapidly sunk & buried into e NCMP quicksand.

"S'poreans do NOT like opposition, they like propositions." i stand to be corrected. :)

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