03 June 2009

System Tools

I have 5 minutes here so this will be a short post!

An aspiring and young individual in Team asked me to recommend some tools for her follow up session with her new Team members, and that is the right question. Team building is so much easier with the tools sold by TEAM - everything a Team member need to know is in the System.

As it is written on page 185 of The Team Builder's Textbook,
"Duplication... When the Team MonaVie business is built properly, business owners are plugged into the training system. The training SYSTEM then becomes their source of information. They learn to listen to CDs to answer their questions. They learn to read books to improve themselves. And they attend seminars and major functions to get inspired, get recognised, and learn the information that will be vital to helping them move on. The key here is that the SYSTEM becomes their source, NOT THE UPLINE BUSINESS OWNER. If a business owner builds his or her team properly by plugging them entirely into the training System, then that business owner has developed what Robert Kiyosaki calls a "B-Type" business. This is a business in which a SYSTEM runs the business INSTEAD of the Owner..."
Team Asia has put together 4 of the best Team tools from the Team USA menu on "Follow Through and Rotating The Pattern"... namely, "The Team Builder's Textbook", "Leadership Conventions DVD Pack", "How To Get Started 6-CD Pack" and "How To Get Started 20-Booklet Pack".

SUCCESS magazine (Team editions) did a few reviews of the tools mentioned above and I shall quote their most powerful endorsement when time permits.

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