13 July 2009


Today I cannot help but write a short thought about a certain (highly respected) Amway Diamond who has decided to quit his business and help out a certain juice company.

No doubt, this Diamond was one of the most popular, USA renowned, politically influential person walking in the circles of Amway, and his books and CDs have inspired and transformed the lives of many, many, far and wide.

However, at the current moment, distributors of that certain juice company are saying that with this Diamond joining their ranks, it will take their company higher, and help them build a "bigger" business.

To these distributors I say, "While you may be proven quite right - not right now though - it will take years to see the RESULTS from this Diamond's efforts, what makes me tenderhearted towards all of you rank and file distributors in the juice company is that many of you seem to have pinned the hopes of your ENTIRE company on this one man.

I posted a Youtube comment similar to the one below, and I hope it will bring some decency back to your table, and possibly some self-esteem to a broken soul. God Bless, Rykel.
To all who are with JUICE COMPANY... Come on, have some pride... the Diamond is joining you, NOT the other way round. Some of you speak as if without AMWAY and this Diamond, your Juice Company cannot go higher. Your Juice Company has done it WITHOUT this Diamond. You do NOT hear MonaVie saying, "Amway Executive Diamond Council Orrin Woodward and TEAM will take MonaVie higher," but to the contrary, we hear EDC Orrin saying, "MonaVie did not make the TEAM, but it will make the TEAM better." This is the MonaVie/TEAM difference. :)

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