27 June 2009

Nokia vs. Google

I wrote the following comments on a Symbian forum, and thought I should archive it here. I believe that at the rate Nokia is going, it is still not doing enough to shore itself against the coming tidal wave that is Google/Android (Linux). It is my prediction that Google will turn Nokia into a thing of the past
just like it has done so with Yahoo, with the latter never to regain its position of dominance ever again. At the heart of it, it is like what Steven Covey says, "TRUST at the speed of light". Yahoo broke the sacred TRUST of users when they decided that they have grown so big that they can hold our photos ransom in Yahoo Photos.

Anyway, here are the paragraphs I mentioned:

Hi, I am from Singapore, I love my E71 and bought it primarily for the Internet Telephone. I also wanted to try out the supposedly solid QWERTY keys. Indeed it is, and so far, the E71 is one of the BEST phones I have used! It is *almost* a PC replacement for me as it stands already.

However, there are things which I cannot tolerate with the device as well, and high on my list is the inability to replace the Symbian OS with the latest version. I use Linux on my desktop and I enjoy getting the latest and greatest versions of my OS and apps every six months or less! Not to mention that if I do not like my particular distribution of the Linux OS, I can easily replace it with another, and there are so many of them out there! (All hail Open Source, hehe)

With that said, I believe that unless Nokia makes good on their promise to open source Symbian, it will be just a matter of time before Google and Android (Linux, ie. open source and highly extensible - think iPhone) wipes Nokia into the pages of phone history.

Google overtook Yahoo as the king of the internet when Yahoo was causing consternation with their customers - for example, while Gmail was going for 1GB storage, Ymail was insisting that xyzMB was enough. Gmail started POP downloading when Yahoo chose to SELL their POP mailbox. When Yahoo Photos decided to keep our high resolution photos for themselves AND sell them to us the owners, that was the last straw on the camel's back and I decided NEVER to touch Yahoo stuff again.

See, Google/Android will offer a OS that can be upgradeable, possibly even replaceable, while Nokia/Symbian will be trying play catchup, AFTER telling customers that they have to BUY an E72 to get the lastest SymbianOS. Oh, did I tell you that Nokia Ovi Sync is too late to the Google/Nokia Sync party? Who needs Nokia Ovi Contacts when you can sync Gmail Contacts + Nokia phones? Not to mention Google Calendar Sync, which then integrates nicely into Gmail. Ovi is at best good for Notes, Tasks (for now!) and Store - which btw, has terribly low numbers of free apps. Heck, I cannot even find a free theme for my E71!

Therefore, I am also interested to know if and how anybody has hacked the OS and replaced it with the latest Symbian too.

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