20 September 2009

Buying Handphones!

Hi fellas,

This post will be THE place where I buy your brand new mobile phones... and of course, where you may buy them too.

However, please note that the ONLY phones I will trade in/out for now would be Android phones and Nokia phones with the Internet Telephone (SIP Client) such as the E71.

To start off, if you have the following phones to sell to me, you may leave a Comment OR private message (PM) me at Skype/Gmail: rykel98

  1. HTC Hero
  2. Nokia E63
  3. Samsung i7500 Galaxy

To reach me on iNum, check out http://bit.ly/howtoinum

p/s. You may get a brand new phone by signing a line/recontracting an expired line with your telephone company. If it is legally OK for me to buy your phone, please let me know.

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