14 October 2009

MLM And Pyramid Selling Schemes

Sunshine Empire is now on trial. This thread will contain some of my thoughts on the case. As the title says, I will also reflect accurate writings on other pyramid schemes here too.

By the way, Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is NOT a pyramid scheme, but in Singapore, MLM is defined by the Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Selling (PROHIBITION) Act as indeed a pyramid scheme. That is, in Singapore, MLM = Pyramid Selling.

However, in 2000, the Government ratified the law and came out with an Exclusion Order, which allowed SOME companies to be excluded from the Act.

It is in this light that I mention Sunshine Empire as a pyramid scheme, until proven NOT guilty (that is, has fulfilled the Exclusion Order requirements) by the Singapore Courts.

I posted this note on Youtube and it summarises where I think the Sunshine Empire issue is going.
My people, have you not realised that in Singapore, the PARTICIPANTS of a pyramid scheme (aka Sunshine Empire members) are just as guilty as the OPERATORS of the pyramid scheme, and if James Phang gets a fine and goes to jail, EVERY Sunshine Empire member (ie. the victims) should also get a fine and go to jail too? Be careful how much you want James Phang dead. You are putting the uncles and aunties at risk too.

UPDATE: 28 January 2010

There is a new round of "gifting" schemes going on in town, and I refused to be involved!

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