24 May 2010

A Week With Orrin

Orrin Woodward & Rykel Lim at Dining Table

It is exactly one week since i arrived in Florida and stayed with Orrin Woodward and his wonderful family. (Orrin is TEAM Founder and Presidential Black Diamond.)

To say that it is anything but what I expected is an understatement.

I was expecting Orrin to show me how grand his mansion is, how much money he makes and all the techniques plus methods that will make a person rich selling the MonaVie opportunity.

But Orrin showed me none of the above.

Yupp, you read that right. None of the above.

Instead, Orrin spent a great deal of time helping me to see how a man can and should live a godly life.

If there is one camel who went through the eye of a needle, I think I found him.

When asked why does not more people know about his wealth, he said that he wishes for his CHARACTER to define him, not the material things which God has blessed him with, and can indeed be taken away if God so desires.

He is wealthy by God's grace alone.

Indeed, Orrin was once upon a time not who he is today. Now, he does not watch TV, does not believe in anything unbiblical & liberal, seldom shops at shopping malls, does not drown his body with Coke & junk, eats fruits/nuts as snacks, drinks lots of juice (MonaVie & EMV!), believes that social security is not biblical (and that the church should look after the old folks instead of govt), spends 90% of his time reading the Bible + other thinking books, loves Laurie and the kids so much they are around each other most of the time, & spent an entire week working with me to help me get my relationship right with the Lord, tells me, "Help a man get right with God, the business will take care of itself."

It is unbelievable, but I have scoured thru' thousands of friends and acquaintances to find this one model of a godly AND blessed man, and my prayer has been answered.

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