01 June 2010

Skype Alternatives

Skype on 3G for iPhone is finally out!

Unfortunately, it is NOT free and it will be a premium service later this year. This was the wake-up call to resume my search for the ultimate Skype alternative.

Thus, when I have the money, I would employ a team of programmers to create a mVoIP phone that the world can be proud of.

Meanwhile, the Skype alternative I am looking for is:

  1. Open Source Client
  2. Runs on both PC and Mobile phones
  3. Runs on both wifi and 3G
  4. Peer-to-Peer (VERY IMPORTANT - this is the reason why the MORE people use Skype, the better it gets)
  5. Some crystal clear codec that can rival SILK/Global IP (voice) and On2 VP7 (video)

The closest to a credible alternative sometime ago was Gizmo Project, and now that it has been acquired by Google, hopefully, Google takes on Skype and give us something better.

If you know of anything that fits the bill above, please let us know.

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