01 July 2010

Skype for Symbian 1.1

Posted this on Skype blog "Skype for Symbian 1.1"... for archive purpose --

Thank you so much for Skype for Symbian 1.1!

For once, I feel good using Symbian vs. iPhone. (what happened to the Android guys?? Can you kindly give them a Skype client too??)

I generally like 1.1 more than the previous version, and in just 2 versions, Skype for Symbian has indeed improved a LOT! (esp. the battery life, QoS over 3G, size/looks of the icons, new and refreshing keypad assignments [eg. able to now use End Call to, well, end calls], sign-in time etc.)

Problems that exists now or still remains are:
  1. More frequent "sudden" crashes. (either Skype or phone reboots)
  2. End Call key can now be used to end Skype calls (GREAT!) but when we are on a call, the screen usually dims and pressing End Call brings the backlight back to the screen, and then straight to the Main Active Screen - and leaves the Skype call running in the background! (PLEASE FIX THIS)
  3. Skype Symbian does NOT load ALL online contacts, only random ones. Unlike the desktop Skype, which loads a whole list of online contacts. (PLEASE FIX THIS)

I am using Nokia E63 with the latest firmware for Singapore.

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