10 March 2011

PowerPlayer - The Only Play You Will Ever Need

It is now possible to go anything from Ruby Executive to Black Diamond Executive in MonaVie with just THREE (3) teams.

That is, a weekly income that grows from USD 2,000 to USD 29,000 simply by building numbers in the 3 teams! Go figure.

PowerPlayer cycles develop your first 2 teams so that you can go bananas on team 3.
New enrollees get excited too because they get to have a team built “with them, through them, for them” and they get all the money. The “problem” most of us active leaders have is that we have too many sign-ups that we want to give them away. The GUY AT THE BOTTOM BENEFITS THE MOST.

As for the current promotion, many TEAM members may choose to opt out of it as they are NOT going 20 wide. However, it is great for their friends from other Mv groups who are building left/right/left/right and I am sure we all rejoice with those who rejoice.

As for TEAM, a surprise is coming up for you all! Stay tuned. :) 

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